• How To Clean And Maintain The Cleanliness Of A Pool

    If you own a pool, you can save a huge mound of cash by carrying out cleaning activities personally. A maintenance man can prove expensive especially if they have to be around most days of the week. Maintaining a clean swimming area can help you avoid infections and also maintain the aesthetics. A dirty pool usually looks unattractive and it is a health hazard.


    Tips On How To Maintain The Cleanliness Of Your Swimming Pool

    1. Acquire all the relevant cleaning materials and supplies. If a pool is cleaned using the wrong tools, it can turn out to be a waste of time and effort. If you do not know the best cleaning supplies, you can research on the internet or consult an individual who owns a pool.


    2. Ensure that you regularly remove unwanted leaves from the pool. Leaves usually block the drainage and filtration system in the swimming pool. Clogging usually leads to the accumulation of dirt on water. Further, dirty water does not usually drain properly. Use a long pole with a very fine sieve to capture all the leaves and dirt when skimming the water in your pool.


    3. Clean the inner and top surface of the pool. In most swimming pools, the inner part is usually made of a clear or white surface. This usually makes the presence of dirt more noticeable. You should drain your pool at least once every two days, brush and polish all surfaces. One of the most forgettable parts is the ladder. Ensure that you also brush it since it is likely to be very dirty especially if the pool is being used by a lot of people.


    4. Vacuum the bottom of the pool on draining it. Debris that is weighty usually sinks to the floor of the swimming pool. Due to the sedimentation that occurs, the floor can get very dirty and make the water look unclean even when it is clean. You should have a good pool vacuum at hand to ensure that all sediments from the floor are removed. Vacuums can either be automatic or manually operated.


    5. Use the appropriate chemicals to maintain the pH levels in your swimming area. Instead of draining your pool water every day, you can maintain cleanliness by introducing chemicals that help the water remain clean. However, ensure that you know the correct amount of chemicals to use depending on the size your pool. Always test the water after adding cleaning agents to ensure that it is safe to use.


    6. Regularly drain and replace the pool filter when necessary. One of the reasons that your pool may be constantly dirty is because of poor drainage. Your filter can be blocked or it may also be blocked. Ensure that you remove the filter after draining the water and clean it. If it needs replacement, seek a high-quality spare part that will last for long. For more information visit us at Blue Waters website.


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    Maintaining a clean pool is hard especially if it is constantly being used by a lot of people. However, by following the steps outlined above, you can be sure that your pool will remain pristine and clean. If you have the financial capability, keep a trained handyman close to help in cleaning your pool on a daily basis.

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